Recycle and reuse water and other resources

When a circular economy is safer and more profitable

Self-sufficiency enables independence and control. An optimal starting point in today’s fast-changing and competitive world.

Industry can play a major role in protecting the blue planet. It has both the resources to do so and everything to gain from it. Like other raw materials, water is a natural resource. They are all finite and included in the planetary boundaries framework. 

Proactive companies that are moving ahead of legislators, streamlining operations before there are shortages, and managing resources efficiently before it becomes a requirement are much better placed to deal with change. These companies control their own destiny.

For more than three decades, Vilokan has been cleaning water and recycling raw materials for industry. 

Experience has consistently shown that when companies take steps to secure their own independence, they automatically gain greater scope to act, have more options and are almost always presented with new unimagined possibilities. Opportunities that would never have arisen if business had simply rolled on as usual.

Practised on a global scale, the effects of this phenomenon are tremendous. The CDP Global Water Report 2023 revealed that water-related initiatives and programmes proactively implemented by multinational companies like H&M, Proctor & Gamble and Microsoft have unlocked opportunities worth about 250 million dollars per company. Enabling them to benefit from efficiency improvements and savings, increased revenue and more.