There is no waste, only valuable assets

Take care of water and find industrial gold.

Water is the key to an industrial treasure hunt.

All industrial processes that involve flows of fluids are faced with both cost and environmental challenges. However, this can be viewed in an entirely different way. By thinking like a gold panner standing in the middle of a stream. 

Constantly rising raw material prices and limited global resources are making recycling a strategic financial resource. Vilokan helps customers across a wide range of industries to identify, extract and reuse recycled materials, or process them to make new products, in connection with wastewater treatment.

By seeing their wastewater as a potential resource, companies can unlock hidden opportunities and value.

Beyond a reduction in costs associated with waste disposal, there are economic benefits from the reuse or resale of recovered materials to other companies through industrial symbiosis. Alternatively, recycled raw materials can be reused and given new life in products on the open market. Vilokan is actively engaged in all of these areas.

Ett initiativ för insikt om, uppskattning av och respekt för naturens resurser. En motståndsrörelse mot inaktivitet, senfärdighet och kortsiktighet.

“I believe that recycled products may soon cost more than newly produced chemicals.”

Lars Rosell, Vilokan

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