Become a water influencer!

Humanity has squandered opportunity after opportunity to avert climate change. When it comes to the world’s water crisis, it is not too late to act. But we cannot afford to wait…

Are you also convinced that we can save the blue planet? Then let your voice be heard! Help us to get others involved and engaged. Help us to instil hope and spread information about what can be achieved. The technology already exists, all that is needed is the will and determination to act.

Fill your feed with exciting and thought-provoking information about the world of water.

You could share the information through LinkedIn or Instagram, or even both. Perhaps you write a blog or have a podcast. Or are about to start one.

What is important is that you feel able to get involved and reach out to others. Send out messages of hope, if you can. Here at Vilokan, we believe in good examples and in the power of common purpose.

Here are some sources of inspiration that we hope you enjoy reading and sharing